How Virtual Concierge Works


Virtual Concierge is a customer engagement program that provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for businesses, organizations and other commercial enterprises to place pertinent "local" experiential tourism and lifestyle content - including attractions, activities, dining, live events, tours, etc. - in front of customers under the banner of their own logo/brand.  This content derives from an existing inventory of thousands of of pre-packaged affiliate offers attached to various commissionable products and/or links that pay out a profitable stream of income from the activities and experiences booked by customers/guests.

Local Opportunites And Tourism

Millions of events are going on - from neighborhood bake sales to the largest events on earth. Thousands of restaurants of every type and size. Tours. Historical Sites. Attractions. The very heartbeat of tourism and leisure experiences surrounds your business. Until now, most businesses have had to rely upon outdated brochure racks and word-of-mouth referrals to guide their customers to the experience that they sought.  Experiential Intelligence® scans over five million unique events as well as countless dining and tourism opportunities each year globally, then delivers exactly the types of leisure experiences your guests are interested in through the Virtual Concierge. This not only saves time and aggravation, but, perhaps more importantly, also provides unfound knowledge about opportunities otherwise missed. 


Imagine a platform that delivers all of this curated content, specific to each of your customer's unique interests, preferences and needs that ALSO allows you to inform them of information related to your business and it's functions without interruption, 24/7/365.  No need to imagine.  Virtual Concierge is powered by Experiential Intelligence® but it is also customized by you. This level of personalized service helps you to create a meaningful experience for your customer every time, thereby increasing brand loyalty, return business, positive reviews and referrals. 

Ongoing Revenue

People doing more of the things they love to do contributes to consumer spending…the single most critical component in a vibrant economic society. Being placed in front of as many potential buyers as possible has long term benefits, especially during seasonality gaps. We’ve designed Virtual Concierge to be a valuable tool for both your business and your customer before, during and after they have physically visited your business. Our commercial clients deliver the Virtual Concierge content via email, website links, printed materials, signage and/or through physically placed touch-screen kiosks. These flexible information delivery methods provide a tremendous stage for your business or organization to speak to an audience made up of locals and visitors all year long. 

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