TrekLink™ is a free online consumer platform that provides a completely new way for individuals to plan experiences, discover activities, places, and people of similar interests within the lifestyle and tourism industry. TrekLink™ is a real-time, go-to source of leisure information and activities that is at the user's service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How TrekLink™ Works


TrekLink™ is a free, online platform available to anyone with internet access and a hunger to engage with the world and start living out loud! You are invited to visit, where our cutting-edge technology - Experiential Intelligence® - will provide a robust set of planning and communication tools that will help to collect and facilitate entertainment and experiences directly around you or where you want to be! No need to register, although free registration allows you the opportunity to define your specific preferences, locations, interests, and passions as well as maintain an ongoing technological dialogue that informs you of upcoming events and information that would intrigue you. With TrekLink™ you will soon be discovering new places, culture, entertainment, food, and services any time of the day or year whether you are at home or traveling.

Places and Activities

TrekLink™ was born from a spirit of adventure and the recognition that adventure comes in many forms. For some, it can be as simple as day-tripping out of town to discover a new place, event, restaurant or service. For others, it can mean traveling across the globe to immerse in a new culture, traverse a mountain or scuba dive a reef. Either way, we exist as a means of helping you to live your life to its fullest potential. There's no longer a need to spend endless time searching on- and off-line for the information that you need to help you to dream your next experience. The power of Experiential Intelligence® puts access to over 90 million leisure opportunities, curated down to your particular interests, right in front of you so that you can stop searching and start living.


TrekLink™ was ultimately created out of the need to fix what ironically has been missing from other social networks: the active social experience. Our mission is to bring people together for events and activities in the real world. Have you ever been at a conference and wished you knew someone with whom you could share similar tourism interests?  Been stuck in an airport with no one to talk to? TrekLink™ can connect people in the moment, for the moment. Registration also connects you with others who share your passions and allows you to organize into "Tribes". Tribe members can communicate with each other within the platform to plan local or destination "Treks" (local or travel gatherings). You can sync calendars (upon permissions) to easily schedule and facilitate Treks. TrekLink™ allows you to be truly social - outside the confines of your phone screen or monitor and can provide you with a social connection to join you in your experiences when one may not be readily available in your daily life. 


We understand that the social experience can be a bit intimidating in our current world. TrekLink™ puts a premium on the security and safety of our users. We provide three settings within your member profile that allow our users to adjust from private, just friends and public.  We never share your personal information with anyone.  However, we encourage our users to use common sense when meeting with others that they don't know - and recommend activities facilitated through Tribes or other known groups.