Trade Shows & Live Events

Expand Your Engagement

Digital Concierge provides a powerful new way to retain previous attendees, attract new ones, and recapture those who have stopped attending. Best of all we have the power to provide a completely new source of revenue for your organization. As a business member of GuestForce, you’ll be inside the Digital Concierge platform where you can reach your guests 24/7 before, during, and after their stay. During the event you can serve up opportunities such as restaurants, local attractions, activities and event-specific offerings. At all other times of the year, you can remain in front of them with products and services, and receive a commission from the sale of any purchases they make within the platform.

What GuestForce Can Do For Your Organization

Increase Attendee Draw, Attractions & Participation

Brand Marketing, Recognition & Loyalty

Communication Platform & Social Marketing

Annual & Recurring Monetization Program

Elevate Attendee Experience

New Ancillary Revenue Opportunity

Before now your engagement and revenue opportunities were limited to a short block of time when you had your guests' attention.
With Digital Concierge you can be front of them before, during, and after their primary association with your organization, all year long.




Programs & Services

100% Targeted Advertising

Digital Concierge offers first intuitive way of matching their members with Events, Destinations, Things to do and Marketplace.

Affiliate Program

Expand your product and service offerings and enter a new world of revenue opportunities

Partner Program

Receive commission when you sign up new members

Data & Analytics Access

Track all member activity including what they spend, commissions gained, etc.

Custom Branded Web Portals

Provide Digital Concierge as your own, branded engagement program

Business Dashboard

Set up and manage your program by choosing what types of opportunities to serve, and when