Retailers & Brands

GuestForce™ presents retailers and brands with a unique opportunity to not only market their specific products to consumers who fit their demographics, but to also reap the benefits of monetization even after the consumer has moved on.  Retailers can use the TrekLink™ for Business platform to develop a branded leisure experience for travelers and locals offering their products or services, events, launches or other notable experiences as offerings within the TrekLink™ individual platform. Using cross-promotion on your website, through printed materials in your store or through targeted outreach on social media or through email campaigns, you can drive customers or prospects to register for TrekLink™ updates through your business portal and create a longstanding link between them and your business.  From that point forward, any qualifying experiences purchases that they make utilizing TrekLink™ will result in a commission source of revenue for your business.


What GuestForce™ Can Do For Your Business

Attract New Consumers

Increase Brand Awareness

Communication Platform & Social Marketing

Annual & Recurring Monetization Program

Connect Consumers with Each Other

New Ancillary Revenue Opportunity

Before now your engagement and revenue opportunities were limited to a short block of time when you had your guests' attention.
With Virtual Concierge you can be front of them before, during, and after their primary association with your organization, all year long.




Programs & Services

100% Targeted Advertising

Virtual Concierge offers first intuitive way of matching their members with Events, Destinations, Things to do and Marketplace.

Affiliate Program

Expand your product and service offerings and enter a new world of revenue opportunities

Partner Program

Receive commission when you sign up new members

Data & Analytics Access

Track all member activity including what they spend, commissions gained, etc.

Custom Branded Web Portals

Provide Virtual Concierge as your own, branded engagement program

Business Dashboard

Set up and manage your program by choosing what types of opportunities to serve, and when