Real Estate

A New Tool To Meet Your Goals

Few things are more difficult for a realtor than matching up a house-hunting client with a satisfactory neighborhood, town, and region. Even if the realtor takes the time to find out everything about the client’s tastes, interests, religious faith, work experience, etc. (things which the client may not care to reveal in depth), it is still very much a matter of chance that the client will wind up completely satisfied with his purchase. Further, all that time costs money, reducing the realtor’s profit margin.
To solve that problem, there is TrekLink® by GuestForce®. If an individual realtor or state-wide, multi-state, or even international realtor installs TrekLink® on its website, all that work will be done with ease by the client using Experiential Intelligence®.
Experiential Intelligence® enables the person looking for a house or apartment to purchase or rent to find far more than ordinary information about schools, local culture, churches, taxes, safety, and general ambience. That client can also find out if there are many people in the area who share his interests, faith, family life, hobbies, etc. The realtor will be presented with an incredibly detailed picture of what area will best suit the client and can then locate and show properties with a high likelihood of closing a sale or rental.
The bottom line, thus, for the realtor is greatly reduced work, a higher percentage of successful placements, and increased profits.

What GuestForce ® Can Do For Your Organization

Increase Buyer Engagement

Build Loyalty

Expand Your Offerings & Reach

Increase Revenue

Encourage Buyer Experience

New Ancillary Revenue Opportunity

Before now your engagement and revenue opportunities were limited to a short block of time when you had your guests' attention.
With Digital Concierge you can be front of them before, during, and after their primary association with your organization, all year long.




Programs & Services

100% Targeted Advertising

Digital Concierge offers first intuitive way of matching their members with Events, Destinations, Things to do and Marketplace.

Affiliate Program

Expand your product and service offerings and enter a new world of revenue opportunities

Partner Program

Receive commission when you sign up new members

Data & Analytics Access

Track all member activity including what they spend, commissions gained, etc.

Custom Branded Web Portals

Provide Digital Concierge as your own, branded engagement program

Business Dashboard

Set up and manage your program by choosing what types of opportunities to serve, and when