Rob DeSalle
Founder / President

A career spanning over twenty-five years in global live-marketing, combined with adventurous passion is the driving force behind Rob's ability to deliver amazing experiential outcomes across all GuestForce initiatives. Responsible for identifying industry trends and a philosophy of constant and never ending improvement, Rob leads innovation strategies focused on outcomes and enrichment of the commercial and individual membership experiences.

He lives with his family in Central Connecticut and enjoys travel, photography and fly fishing.

Marcin Malicki

Diverse entrepreneur who has successfully launched three businesses in since his arrival in the United States from Krakow, Poland. Before coming to the US over ten years ago, Marcin founded, managed for 10 years and finally sold a successful advertising agency. He would like to use all his 20 years of business experience and energy to build GuestForce.

Artur Zapart
Software Engineer

Artur is a Graduate of Management School and Banking, with a degree in engineering. Continued his education at The George Washington University School of Business. Resides in Krakow and is passionate about travel and motor sports. 20 years ago, he established and manage an Technology Company "Luk-Art". His passion is to solve problems and find solutions for his clients’ unique needs. Artur has been engaged since the conception of as consultant and software engineer.

Sara Malicka
Content Producer/ User Experience Specialist

Framingham State University graduate with a degree in psychology. Being a young executive, Sara provides help with the design and content to make TrekLink appealing to all members, especially the younger generation. Her passions include traveling and socializing with new people which is why she joined the TrekLink team.

Noah Juknavorian
Market Manager - Southern California

Noah grew up in the hospitality and travel industry in Hollywood, California. He attended the Academy of Art University, receiving his BA in Motion Pictures and Television: Film Editing. He applies this creativity in the hospitality and travel industry inspiring clients a unique experience creating a new chapter in their personal book to share with family and friends. He is the President of Arks Voyage, a DMC, specializing in “Personalized Luxury Experiences for your Destination.”

Marek Warczykowski
Lead Engineer

Marek Warczykowski is programming since he is 14 years old. He studied Computational Physics at the Institute of Physics and Nuclear Technology in Warsaw, Poland. Since 2009, he manages Warski Sp. z oo a Software Company, implementing systems based on web technologies. Marek is an expert in Technologies and Programming language: PHP 4/5/6, C++, Java, JavaScript, Action Script, AJAX, XML/XSL/XPATH/XSLT, PL/pgSQL, Fortran 77 and UML 2.0 Databases: PostgreSQL, MySql, Oracle, SqLite. PHP Frameworks: ZEND, Agavi and Symfony Others: jQuery, SOAP, PEAR, Smarty and Wordpress. Privately, he is a happy husband and father of two children. He loves fast cars, mountains and programming.

Damian Podoba
Web Developer

Damian Podoba (age 30) is an IT specialist who studied economics at a popular university in Krakow, Poland. He has been in the field for over 10 years and in the last 5 years, he was employed by the Warski company which is working on TrekLink. Following his passion, Damien first created his own website in elementary school when his teacher showed him the basics of html/css. On his free days, Damien likes to travel with his wife and play soccer.

Paweł Zapała
Senior Graphic Designer

Paweł Zapała (age 31) is a senior graphic designer which is one of his biggest passions, other than motorcycles. For the last 10 years, he has been working on expanding his visions and coming up with great ideas for designs. One of those visions is TrekLink, which Paweł has spent countless hours working on.

Tammy Young
Marketing/Social Media Consultant

After a 25 year career in marketing, public relations, economic development event planning and journalism, Tammy recently developed TYRP Social Media & Business Consulting. She holds undergraduate degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Communications and an advanced degree in Rhetoric and utilizes her experience and education to help businesses marry their technology and marketing needs. Originally from New Orleans, she is also a trained Chef and enjoys traveling, cooking, the arts and spending time with her life and business partner, Randy.

Piotr Bielen
Server Administrator

Piotr Bielen, is a server administrator whose biggest passion is computers, and anything to do with them. Specifically, Piotr loves animation and graphic design. He was lucky to connect his passions and work which lead to him working with computers for the last 20 years. Other than work, Piotr likes playing soccer and likes to relieve stress which lifting weights at the gym.