Meetings & Events

In today's highly competitive event market, securing enough attendees and sponsorships to cover expenses is costly and time-consuming. Attendee acquisition costs are on the rise and will continue this trajectory as more players enter the event space and vendors must choose which events to fit into their budgets. With many (many) years of experience in the trade show industry and all the traveling that came with it, we realized there were too many missed opportunities for ancillary revenue.

The Disconnect

Trade shows occur in popular destinations, promising enticing new experiences and a convenient location for busy travelers. The added chore of researching experiences to fill windows of free time, independent of your event website, can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

Further, the revenue an event captures resides primarily in the initial registration and sponsor packages, with little opportunity to earn additional revenue prior to or during the event.

Empower Your Brand with Experiential Intelligence!

Empower your attendees to discover and book relevant local experiences with their free time on your branded platform, resulting in ancillary revenue and increased loyalty. GuestForce offers Meeting & Event hosts the platform to be the Local Curation Ambassador.

GuestForce can be easily placed on a touch screen kiosk or tablet during the show! Don’t have one? We have those too! You can now earn revenue before, up until and during the event!  

Join The Next Evolution of Experiential Discovery™ and let Experiential Intelligence® work for your event with GuestForce.