Experiential Intelligence® Bridges All The Gaps

Experiential Intelligence® is the new and cutting edge proprietary algorithm engine, developed by GuestForce™ to aggregate, organize and deliver to the user the very best of the Web using a set of criteria the revolves around the user's specific interests and preferences. It is the technology that ties together and powers the content derived from both the commercial and consumer platforms, creating a remarkable and powerful database of lifestyle and tourism data like no other platform in creation.



Provide Amazing Planning Portal for Guest


Pipe In Relevant
Local & UGC Events


Serve up Currated


Connect Like-minded
Guests to Each Other
& with Locals


Provide A Conduit Between Guests & Local Businesses


Generate Revenue
Before, During & After


Roughly 220 million domestic and international roaming tourists and business travelers contribute to our national $1.4 trillion annual tourism market in the United States.  GuestForce™ projects to have the ability to engage with over 8-10 million (5%) of those travelers over the next five years and generate conservative revenue of $200 million.  

Our go-to market strategy utilizes our proprietary Experiential Intelligence® algorithm to leverage the existing relationships between all things - the who, what, where, when and how - and use that information to create both leisure suggestions for individuals, as well as revenue and value-add opportunities for businesses (tourism, hospitality, retail, etc.), organizations (non-profits, associations, CVB's, Chambers, etc.), events (trade shows, conferences, economic development), and others. Experiential Intelligence® is a tool like no other in existence - combining the very best aspects of social platforms, search engines, online travel solutions and retail programs - to create a continually functioning agent of information. That powerhouse mechanism delivers up-to-the-minute access to:

* Over 5 million live events both large and small
* Over 90 million activities and attractions
* Discounted offers in real time from any of our hundreds of targeted promotional third party partners
* Like-minded individuals outside of a user's social circle who share common interests and destinations

In addition to this unique and unparalleled capability, Experiential Intelligence® provides the capacity for curation.  Simply enter personal interests, geographical locations, time periods, preferences and other parameters and it will deliver from this wealth of information a profile of opportunities specific to the user.  It can even go so far as to facilitate planning, communication and social gatherings.  

Experiential Intelligence® is a technology that will be known for reinventing the way that people discover life as it happens around them.  It is the powering force behind the GuestForce™ platforms TrekLink™ for individuals and Virtual Concierge for commercial application.