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Experiential Intelligence®

Experiential Intelligence® is the new and cutting-edge proprietary algorithm engine, developed by GuestForce™ to aggregate, organize and deliver to the user the very best of the Web using a set of criteria the revolves around the user's specific interests and preferences. It is the technology that ties together and powers the content derived from both the commercial and consumer platforms, creating a remarkable and powerful database of lifestyle and tourism data like no other platform in creation.


TrekLink™ is  Interest-Based Peer-to-Peer Platform that provides a completely new way for individuals to plan experiences, discover activities, places, and people with similar interests within the lifestyle and tourism industry. Designed to bring people together and create a more fulfilling life experience, TrekLink™ gives users the opportunity to search and be automatically matched with User Generated Content (UGC) as well as existing commercial web content pertinent to their profile, interests, location, and availability.  TrekLink™ is a real-time, go-to source of leisure information and activities that are at the user's service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Experiential Concierge™

The Experiential Concierge™ is a Local Content Publishing Platform of the GuestForce™ technology revolution.  While TrekLink™ also has commercial applications, Experiential Concierge™ is the plug-and-play means for businesses to engage and add value for their customers by providing them with a unique kiosk and/or a portable opportunity to discover activities, places, products, services and local connections. This content derives from Experiential Intelligence® as well as an existing inventory of thousands of pre-packaged "affiliate" offers attached to various commissionable products and links that pay out a revenue stream from the activities and experiences booked by customers.

Experiental Intelligence® can be used
by consumers in the following markets: