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A New Tool To Meet Your Goals

TrekLink® by GuestForce® offers unmatched opportunities to retain previous attendees, attract new ones, and regain those who have ceased attending while simultaneously increasing revenue. People who attend conventions, sporting events, fairs, etc, especially those requiring an overnight stay, are eager to use their free time enjoying themselves or even extend their stay. When TrekLink® is installed on an event’s website, those attendees can use Experiential Intelligence® to research far more than hotels, restaurants, and local attractions. They can also find other attendees with similar interests. Bicyclists can find rentals, trails, and people to enjoy them with. History buffs can find museums, university classes, historical sites, and like-minded new friends. Whatever one’s interests, TrekLink® can produce limitless opportunities and companionship. None of this research requires any time or work by management, yet management will receive all the credit.Many of the activities event-goers locate will require reservations, tickets, equipment purchases or rentals, supplies, and the like. Those transactions can be made directly through the TrekLink® platform, generating revenue via commissions for the event. The bottom line? More attendees and more returning attendees with the added bonus of increased revenue with less work. This modern innovation will produce a growing reputation for proficiency by the management.

What GuestForce ® Can Do For Your Organization

Increase Attendee Draw, Attractions & Participation

Brand Marketing, Recognition & Loyalty

Communication Platform & Social Marketing

Annual & Recurring Monetization Program

Elevate Guest's Experience

Programs & Services

100% Targeted Advertising

TrekLink ® offers first intuitive way of matching their members with Events, Destinations, Things to do and Marketplace.

Affiliate Program

Expand your product and service offerings and enter a new world of revenue opportunities

Partner Program

Receive commission when you sign up new members

Data & Analytics Access

Track all member activity including what they spend, commissions gained, etc.

Custom Branded Web Portals

Provide GuestForce ® as your own, branded engagement program

Business Dashboard

Set up and manage your program by choosing what types of opportunities to serve, and when