Shaping the Guest Experience

A New Engagement & Revenue Source

GuestForce has developed®, Your Virtual Concierge… an “out-of-the-box”, “plug-n-play” virtual concierge service tied to a compensation affiliate program for CVBs, DMOs, chambers, associations, hotels, resorts and event organizers.®, has been compared to “lightening in a bottle for tourism” by providing unmatched insight and connectivity to who, what when and where….plus a compelling win-win revenue model for those who refer qualified visitors who make purchases within® , prior to, during, and beyond the critical engagement period. ®, relies upon a patented algorithm: Experiential Intelligence®, to aggregate, curate then serve up matched experiences and products to roaming populations like no other mobile or web-based platform.® is the modern “virtual” replacement for antiquated rack cards, printed “local happenings” calendars and online directories.® is available both as a “powered by:” and fully branded custom solution.

Open A New World of Experiences for Your Guests® is like LinkedIn, Meetup, Yelp and Facebook mashed together within one easy-to-use platform, for lively like-minded enthusiasts and travelers no matter where they are to connect with one another, places, events and attractions.

How TrekLink Works

Serve-up Aggregated
& Curated Content

TrekLink® sorts through an infinite number of combinations and possibilities of content, then boils it down to a list of exactly what your guests wish to know about….aligning who, what, when and where. TrekLink® on board means your business or organization will `take credit for helping your guests discover incredible opportunities. TrekLink® is concierge, a guide, and engagement source for your business or organization.  Take the strain off your current resources while providing a wealth of information. TrekLink® is a fantastic platform to gain great reviews and guest loyalty!

Access 5+
Million Events

Millions of events are going on...neighborhood bake sales to the largest events on earth and every event in between. Until now it’s been impossible to know what’s going on at all times….everywhere. TrekLink® scans globally over five million unique events each year, then delivers exactly the types of events your guests are interested in. This not only saves time and aggravation, but most of all TrekLink® provides unfound knowledge about opportunities otherwise missed. This is a tremendous revenue chance for you to cash in on paid events your guest’s book on your TrekLink® platform!

90 Million
Unique Places

There’s something fun and interesting to do around every corner! Doing them is the fun part, getting there is simple…the tough part is wasting time sorting through every resource to pinpoint the “potential” places to go that match the unique expectations each of your guests have. Although TrekLink has access to nearly ninety-million unique places, we precisely deliver only the best places and attractions that match the specific needs of your guests. This too is a tremendous revenue generator each time a guest purchases related to “places” on your TrekLink® platform!

Reach Locals
& Visitors

People doing more of the things they love to do contributes to consumer spending…the single most critical component in a vibrant economic society.  Being placed in front of as many potential buyers is beneficial all year, especially during seasonality gaps. TrekLink® is unlike any other platform in the world! We’ve designed TrekLink® to be a valuable tool while at home or away….providing a tremendous stage for your business or organization to speak to an audience all year made up of locals and visitors. Again, another fabulous opportunity to generate revenue all year long!

Bridging All The Gaps!

Before now planning an experience was a chore involving multiple steps and resources. Today GuestForce® and TrekLink® help to bridge these gaps with a single solution to manage virtually every aspect of their experience.



Provide Amazing Planning Portal for Guest


Pipe In Relevant
Local & UGC Events


Serve up Currated


Connect Like-minded
Guests to Each Other
& with Locals


Provide A Conduit Between Guests & Local Businesses


Generate Revenue
Before, During & After